4th Grade Radio Plays

by Starobin Family Radio Workshop

These are radio plays by my son, Joshua, written for his fourth grade class. They are performed by myself, my wife Hannah, Joshua (age 10) and Samuel (age 7).

They are one result of introducing kids (at way too early an age) to the things like The Firesign Theater.

  • 2:40
    The Workshop's first effort. A chilling presentation featuring young Samuel Starobin's debut as the Cursed Hound.
  • 3:22
    The American classic adapted by Joshua Starobin for radio performance. Hannah Starobin shows her deft abilities at mimicry when she performs the sound of a squeaking cart.
  • 0:50
    A bonus for avid fans of the Starobin Family Radio Workshop.
  • 1:35
    A script by Joshua, demonstrating the methods by which young people might resolve conflicts more readily. The Workshop's innovative casting has the adults acting like children.