Guys & Dolls - the '90's Revival

This page is to address the often asked question of why Guys and Dolls is rented out in it's original version (and not the revised 90's version) and how parts to the rewritten cues for the revival (Runyonland, Havana, etc.) can be found.

After the mid-90's production finished its tour and closed on Broadway. Jo Loesser (Frank's widow) had the rental company store away that version and continue to rent the original. The 1990's version is not available for rental.

By the way - the 'original' that is rented is NOT the original Broadway orchestration but a touring version that was adapted from it in the 50's or 60's. That was the common practice for many Broadway shows, as touring versions had smaller orchestrations and less doubles. For many Broadway shows, including Guys and Dolls (and Gypsy, Forum, etc.), the original scores and parts are lost.


In 2004 I went to my son's middle school to hear him play in the school production of Guys and Dolls. (The orchestra was half hired players and half students.) Imagine my surprise to hear my 1990's orchestrations being played when for years I knew they were not being rented. After the performance I went up to one of the hired players and asked if some of those charts were not from the 90's revival. She answered "Yes, but you can't get them from the rental company. Somebody did a take-down from the CD and rents them on the side. Aren't they great?"

I don't have the name of who did that takedown - and I don't know if they are available on the secondary-school-musical-theatre-black-market in your area. But they're out there somewhere if you want to find them.